Professionally Managed 403(b)7 Retirement Plans for Ministries

The Master’s Plan mission is to offer ministries 403(b)7 retirement plans nationwide that are professionally managed, low-cost and offer fund options that are Biblically Responsible.

Attention State Directors: CEF employees qualify for The Master’s Plan, a unique 403(b)7 retirement plan, that adheres to Biblical principles when it comes to investing. We recommend that CEF state offices which administer payroll and retirement savings for local chapters, set up a payroll withholding plan. The Master’s Plan will help you help your state staff to plan for their retirement in a way that adheres to Biblical principles.

Testimonial from Dr. Brower, CEF Florida
“As a new State Director in 2019 I was tasked with providing a retirement fund to all employees in CEF of Florida, Inc. Through divine intervention I was connected with the gentleman who started the Master’s Plan years ago. He introduced me to Robin Bryant, a Retirement Specialist who wrote and provided the 403b for CEF of Florida, Inc. The Master’s Plan is a company who does the work needed to make sure that none of the money earned and placed in a retirement fund goes towards anything that would go against a believer’s moral convictions. They work alongside ministries like CEF to provide much needed services that we are required to offer to CEF employees (stated in our USA Operations and Policy Manual section 200.3.8). Knowing that a company like the Master’s Plan is investing retirement funds in ways that would honor God is encouraging. It is a great benefit to have the confidence that each of our employees can put away funds that will help them to be prepared for retirement if the Lord does not return first. I highly recommend the Master’s Plan for any state director that is looking to set up a retirement for CEF employees.”

Robin Bryant, Executive Director

Robin’s love for helping churches and pastors, and educating employers and representatives on 403(b) plans ignites her passion and servant heart. Robin Bryant is certified as a Tax-Exempt and Governmental Plan Administrator. She has an A.A. degree in Legal Secretarial Science from Valencia State College and a B.S. in Business Law from University of Central Florida. Prior to moving to the financial industry in 2007, Robin spent 30 years in the legal field. Licenses held: Series 6, SIE & 63.

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