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SwordSmith Records makes it easier for kids (and parents too) to memorize the Word of God. We believe that it is powerful! It will change your life! One of the most important aspects of having a relationship with God involves spending time listening to what He has to say. With it we can encourage others and ourselves, keep temptation from allowing us to fall into sin, and most importantly – learn more about who God is.

We write songs and create videos that are taken straight from important passages from the Bible. So when you listen to our songs, you are memorizing the Word of God!


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Verse Songs and Music Videos

Our music is straight from the Word of God! We offer mp3’s with just the audio, or you can get video files that include lyrics (English) and motions!

Accompaniment Tracks

We also offer accompaniment tracks for all of our music. These tracks don’t have any vocals on them, so you can use a different translation of the Bible, translate our songs into your own language, or sing our music with a children’s choir to perform it!

Sheet Music

Don’t have a way to play an MP3 or video file? Here’s another great way for you to be able to play our music! Print off the music and play it yourself!

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Here’s where you’ll find our great songs listed by albums. Download by song or by album! Click on the play button next to each song to hear it.

Did you find a particular song that you liked? Here’s where you’ll find our exciting music videos! Scroll down to find the song you want. Click on it to see the description and find the YouTube demo link.

If you want to translate our music into another language but still want our fun upbeat music behind it, download our accompaniment tracks that don’t have any vocals. Use these to sing our music in another language or if you want to perform our song with a children’s choir!

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