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Famplify - AMPLIFY God's Word in FAMILY Life

Everything we do is designed to help Mom and Dad teach the Word of God to their family at least once a week! 

Famplify is an adventure that’s completely customizable to your CEF curriculum! EACH of our adventures can match whatever curriculum you’re teaching your group. It can even include your notes, PDF’s and VIDEOS! (No more printing papers that will end up in the trash) Famplify helps you communicate with your families through group and direct messaging, mobile alerts and more. Each family earns stars in the weekly devo to unlock the animated adventure, so it’s a game that’s lots of fun but also provides the group’s administrator with valuable statistics. 

The best part is that Famplify is FREE FOR EVERY FAMILY THAT JOINS A CEF GROUP! We’ve specially priced our app so that it cost less than $0.70 per family and CEF State Directors will get 10% of the funds from every group in their network along with statistics on every group and family in your network. We want to partner with you in the Good News of Jesus Christ into the families of each of the kids that you serve!

Customizable Content & NEW AR Tech

Animation. Augmented Reality. Illustration. Age Appropriate Lessons. Character Cards. Memory Verses. Outreach Challenges. Activity Pages. Object Lessons. Follow-up Questions AND so much more! YOU CAN EVEN INCLUDE YOUR OWN CONTENT, VIDEOS & MESSAGES!

Available on ALL Platforms

It's not just a fun adventure for your group. The app communication provides community. The group statistics provides accountability. Printable PDFs are available for each devo, however, digital content means the option for NO MORE PRINTING COSTS!!!

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