CEF Specialized Book Ministry

To friends old and new we say welcome to the CEF Book Ministry.

I am Terry and I will be happy to receive your requests for publications to help you in your ministry to children.

Who We Are

The CEF Specialized Book Ministry (SBM) was started 25 years ago by Dr Sam Doherty and is now directed by Terry Flannigan. Both are veteran CEF workers with many years of experience locally and globally.  It is governed by a charitable trust (Assisting Children’s Evangelists Worldwide) based in Northern Ireland. 

What We Do

We publish devotional books to develop the spiritual life of children’s workers. Training manuals give valuable instructions helping the worker teach Bible truths to children and such instruction is backed up with a series of visualized doctrinal lessons.  Most of these lessons are available as PowerPoint presentations for download. Further help is offered in a monthly digital ‘Mini Mag.  Our publications are available in many languages through the CEF national offices.  Publications are available in English, French and Spanish online.  Those requesting can select from digital downloads or hard copy (not all available). 

Why We Matter

The ethos of the ministry is to be a help to children’s workers everywhere by providing literature. Children’s workers are involved in a vital task and need all the help they can get to understand the work on hand and how to effectively reach children with the Gospel.  

Product Categories

For full details of all products please come to our website  www.CEFBookMinistry.com 

Written especially for children’s workers by a children’s worker these devotional books are rich with Godly wisdom. Drawing on his many years of ministry as a CEF Regional Director Dr Sam Doherty shares lessons he has learnt so that younger workers can be helped as they face the challenges of today’s world. Nine titles are available.

Here is a valuable resource providing insight to many aspects of ministry to children. Hundreds of workers have been helped to serve God more effectively and children have gained deeper spiritual insight as the principles taught are used. 15 titles are available.

The lessons provide basic teaching on many of the great truths of the Christian faith. By using these children, will have greater understanding of Biblical truths. Underling all lessons is an evangelistic emphasis. Colourful visuals enrich the teaching experience and are available as flashcards and PowerPoint presentations. 13 series of lessons available.

Available as a digital download, this monthly 4-page magazine is designed to deepen the spiritual life of the children’s worker while providing insight to various aspects of ministry. You can register to receive it free on the 1st of each month – complete your details in the Contact Us section and indicated in the Comments that you would like to register for the Mini Mag.

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