Winning the Winnable Ones (Sharing the Gospel with Hindu Children)

The concept of God in the hearts of Hindu children is different from ours.  Their idea of god is that each god and goddesses have weapons in their hands to punish their enemies, but we present Christ, who loves even enemies with His great love. These children worship the creations of God, but we are presenting the Creator God who has created the whole universe. There are many interesting things in Hinduism, which is one of the highest philosophies in the world. 

As you attend this workshop you will learn more about sharing the Good News with Hindu children. Many heart-touching testimonies and experiences await you.


Immanuel Prabhu

Immanuel Prabhu accepted Jesus Christ as a five-year-old through his sister, who had teacher training from CEF. He was born and brought up in CEF. Immanuel completed a four-year theology degree at Serampore University, which was started by William Carey. He joined CEF in 1986 as a local worker. God has raised him to national director of India, where he has served since 2014. God has used Immanuel to introduce new projects in the ministry of India CEF: Reaching Children Effectively, Children Reaching Children, Faithful Bible Instructors, and Local Harvesters, which trains village Good News Club teachers. He depends totally on God for continuous guidance for the ministry in India, with the goal of prayerfully joining hands to reach the next generation for Christ.

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