Thanking and Retaining Donors

Do you appreciate your donors?  Do they know it?  Showing thankfulness inadequately can send a wrong message to your CEF supporters.  They can conclude that you are not thankful – and/or that you do not really need their support.  Thus, donors can be lost. This seminar will give specific ways to thank and connect with your donors so that they will continue giving and praying for your ministry.


Nerus K. McEwen

Nerus K. McEwen has served as the Director of Planned Giving for CEF for over 21 years. In this capacity she assists CEF friends and family in the area of estate planning and gifts of both cash and non-cash assets. Her passion for the ministry shows in her commitment to build ministry partners. Nerus presents planned giving seminars during special donor events. She also leads fundraising training sessions for CEF state and local staff.

Nerus’s personal ministry is teaching women’s Bible studies, which she has done on a weekly basis since 1974.

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