Internet – A Great Tool to Reach Today’s Generation

Some people are not really interested in using technology and are especially against the internet. They think it is for rich, developed, liberal countries, not for undeveloped countries. Some even say the internet is the devil’s tool to destroy the Kingdom of God. But God is using this tool to save children’s souls, especially during this hard time for all nations. CEF workers around the world have benefitted from it and used this opportunity with what they have in their hands: computers, smartphones, cameras, and dictaphones. Some have very strong, high wi-fi connections, some low, but others don’t even have telephone signals, wi-fi, or electricity. Still they continue to faithfully serve the Lord.


Diavolana Andrianarijaona

Diavolana Andrianarijaona (often called Pastor Diavolana) is the national director of CEF Madagascar. He learned of CEF as a Bible school student in 1994, and served as a volunteer worker from 1995-1999. His country is the 2nd poorest in the world. Only 15% of the population has electricity and tap water. The rest drink from lakes, rivers, or wells. 75% of the population cannot read or write. The ministry of CEF operates in all six provinces of Madagascar, with many different cultures, dialects, and religions. Pastor Diavolana is responsible for 27 full-time workers and about 150 volunteers. He adheres to the level of the CEF culture points, even though his country has a very different way of life, culture, and level of development.

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