Help! Help! Does Someone Care for Me?

Children in disastrous situations need the Lord Jesus in their lives most of all, but they also need our help and care regarding their social, emotional, and physical needs. Many are calling, “Help! Help! Can someone hear me?” Or even “Does anyone care for me?”

Have you ever encountered children in disaster situations and not known how to reach out to them? Then this workshop is for you. We will define children in disaster situations and discuss practical ways to care and love them. Through this we can bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to them.


Pauline Kut Lin Loong

Pauline Kut Lin Loong started serving with CEF in 2004 as a part-time worker and then joined full-time as National Director in January 2006. God has enabled our servant leader, Pauline, to expand the work of CEF in Mauritius. It is a multi-cultural country, with the highest percentage of people being Hindus. Pauline is also a Leadership Training Instructor and is currently completing her MA in leadership. During the COVID-19 pandemic God helped Pauline and her team continue reaching out to the boys and girls with the Gospel despite the difficult situation. Different means were use such as online ministry and social helps.

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