Facing the Task Unfinished

What does it mean to face the task? Facing the task means “to be or turn in a particular direction.” It also means to be confronted by, cope with, deal with; to consider something seriously and start taking steps; or to spend time and energy doing something positive.

Never run away from your challenges! Face them and go to meet them! The Lord Jesus faced the biggest task ever in John 18:1. The Last Supper had just concluded, and the Lord Jesus went to the Garden of Gethsemane for a quiet place to pray. He knew that Judas was at that very moment completing the plan to betray Him. It is impossible for any of us to even begin to imagine the weight that was on the shoulders of the Lord Jesus. Yet He completely yielded His own personal will to the Father’s plan.


Czeslaw Bassara

Czeslaw Bassara was saved in 1965. He led missionary work from 1974-1990, founding and pastoring churches in Poland, teaching in Bible schools, and leading children’s and youth camps while leading the CEF work in Poland.

From 1990-2007 Dr. Bassara was an area director for 30 countries of CEF Central and Eastern Europe. He is currently involved in the CEF International Bible Teaching Ministry, Proclaiming the Word, and serving as a conference speaker. He is married to Helena and has two adult children, Bogdan and Dorota, who both work with their spouses (Agnieszka and Konrad) in CEF. Czeslaw and Helena have five grandchildren.

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