C.A.M.E.L. = Exponential Growth in Ministry

Christmas Across the Middle East Lands (CAMEL) has become far more than an evangelistic outreach. In just four years this program has resulted in a ten-fold growth in ministry to children, an army of new volunteers, many Good News Clubs, and solid partnerships with churches and other organizations. You will be inspired as you hear how God used this program to reach nearly seven million children through Christmas Party Clubs in 2020, despite COVID. Learn how you can use this program to grow your ministry!


Jeremiah Cho

Jeremiah Cho began in CEF Korea as a local director prior to serving as national director. He continued in CEF Sri Lanka as a pioneer missionary. Jeremiah has been serving the Lord as regional director of the Middle East since May 2014. God has greatly blessed his ministry there. He launched the CAMEL Project in 2015, through which God caused ministry in the region grow exponentially.

Diane Pomroy

Diane Pomroy started in CEF ministry as a volunteer Good News Club teacher 30 years ago. She is now a Leadership Training Instructor for TCE Levels One and Two. She has served as Regional Literature Director for the Middle East for the past four years. Diane oversees certain aspects of the CAMEL Project under Jeremiah’s direction.

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