Boxes of Books – Behind the Scenes

For more than 12 years the Revival Movement Association has been producing thousands of Boxes of Books to be used by CEF workers and volunteers in many parts of the world. This is the story of how these thousands of Boxes of Books are produced. How are 250,000 flashcard Bible lessons printed and spiral bound each year? How are over 1 million booklets printed and stapled each year? How can you receive literature in your own country? We share with you the many steps that are taken in the background so that thousands of teachers and millions of boys and girls can be impacted with the Gospel as a result of the printed page. You will be amazed to watch the speed and precision of our staff and machines as they print six tonnes of paper each working day.


Samuel Adams

Samuel Adams has known the work of CEF for many years. As a teenager he was involved as a CEF volunteer. Later he married Carol, who was a full-time CEF worker. Samuel has worked in Revival Movement Association producing Gospel literature for the past 42 years. He has led the work alongside Clive Allen for the last 19 years. Revival Movement Association has been delighted to be able to partner and assist in the ministry of CEF.

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