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    5 Day Club in Partnership with the Local Church

    Why should the local church be a focal part of our summer 5 Day Club? How do you approach a pastor about this? What is the churches role? CEF's role? Why is going through the local church a great growth strategy? We will answer these questions and more in this session!

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    About Wondersurf

    Wondersurf is a virtual world where you can learn more about Jesus and His love for you and have fun at the same time! Today's children have vast offerings on the internet, but many of them are not suitable. On the other hand, when children spend time at Wondersurf, they can do Bible adventures, watch videos, and play exciting games! One of the significant advantages of Wondersurf is that children can meet trained people called Trail Guides to answer their questions and pray for them. If you want to hear more about Wondersurf, please join the workshop.

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    Be a Teachable Teacher!

    What does it take to be a good teacher? Besides the usual list (knowledge of the subject, communication skills, resource materials, etc.), there is another quality that is essential – teachability! In this workshop, we’re going to explore what it means to be teachable and look at three biblical examples to follow. We will identify six key characteristics of a teachable teacher, and five practical ways you can implement these characteristics. Do you have what it takes? Come to this workshop and find out!  

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    Boxes of Books – Behind the Scenes

    For more than 12 years the Revival Movement Association has been producing thousands of Boxes of Books to be used by CEF workers and volunteers in many parts of the world. This is the story of how these thousands of Boxes of Books are produced. How are 250,000 flashcard Bible lessons printed and spiral bound each year? How are over 1 million booklets printed and stapled each year? How can you receive literature in your own country? We share with you the many steps that are taken in the background so that thousands of teachers and millions of boys and girls can be impacted with the Gospel as a result of the printed page. You will be amazed to watch the speed and precision of our staff and machines as they print six tonnes of paper each working day.

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    C.A.M.E.L. = Exponential Growth in Ministry

    Christmas Across the Middle East Lands (CAMEL) has become far more than an evangelistic outreach. In just four years this program has resulted in a ten-fold growth in ministry to children, an army of new volunteers, many Good News Clubs, and solid partnerships with churches and other organizations. You will be inspired as you hear how God used this program to reach nearly seven million children through Christmas Party Clubs in 2020, despite COVID. Learn how you can use this program to grow your ministry!

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    Children – A Powerful Evangelistic Force

    Saved children may be one of our least-used evangelistic resources! Children are bold in sharing their faith and have amazing access to other children. You will get ideas and hear results from several CEF workers around the world who have had great success in training children to evangelize their peers. Also, get an early look at the new Go and TellChildren Reaching Children materials, which have been developed for use in training children worldwide to share the Gospel.

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    Christian Youth in Action Explosion in East & Central Africa

    This workshop helps participants understand what it takes to run a successful four-year Christian Youth in Action programme. It will give information on how the CYIA was started, how it grew from one country to seven countries running successful CYIA programmes, training over 500 teenagers who reach over 60,000 children annually. Different country CYIA leaders will share the secrets to success for their CYIA programmes, including how to help teenagers grow spiritually, socially, and in their skills in evangelism and discipleship of children.

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    Cultivating Multi-Generational Teams

    Teams made up of more than one generation include differing strengths and skills that can be used by the Lord in a mighty way to enhance ministry. How are these teams built? What elements of ministry need to be focused on to maintain the team? What can be done to cultivate relationships and pour into the lives of young people, so they stick to God’s call on their lives? This workshop will include a multi-generational panel that can help you discover real-life principles to help build a strong, functioning team with people of differing ages.

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    Empowering Your Ministry with Technology

    Your ministry can reach further and grow deeper by utilizing the mediums of our time. In this course we will review tools for online ministry and give guidance on how you can leverage resources for maximum impact. Discover your next step in leadership with these virtual tools.

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    Establishing Children in the Local Church

    How can we help establish children in the local church for Christian living? That is a large concern for Good News Club teachers and Sunday school teachers. If we lead children to the church, it may provide chances to contact parents and lead them to church also. It is not easy but there are many things we can try.

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    Explore and Tour the Ways to Score: Raising Funds

    Resources are an essential part of ministry, and finding effective ways to fund ministry is critical to long-term success. In Explore and Tour the Ways to Score: Raising Funds Brendan and Nerus will do a high level exploration of ten different fundraising opportunities including Setting and Achieving Reasonable Goals, Understanding and Benefitting from Reporting, Acquiring and Cultivating New Donors, Planned Giving, Event Management, Direct Mail and Email Campaigns, and more! This 50-minute session will give a brief overview of each area and provide practical tips to move toward greater and greater results. Some strategies may not apply to every part of the world, but everyone will benefit from this multi-faceted workshop! 

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    Facing the Task Unfinished

    What does it mean to face the task? Facing the task means “to be or turn in a particular direction.” It also means to be confronted by, cope with, deal with; to consider something seriously and start taking steps; or to spend time and energy doing something positive.

    Never run away from your challenges! Face them and go to meet them! The Lord Jesus faced the biggest task ever in John 18:1. The Last Supper had just concluded, and the Lord Jesus went to the Garden of Gethsemane for a quiet place to pray. He knew that Judas was at that very moment completing the plan to betray Him. It is impossible for any of us to even begin to imagine the weight that was on the shoulders of the Lord Jesus. Yet He completely yielded His own personal will to the Father’s plan.

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    Faith Comes by Hearing—Scripture Engagement

    Have you ever wished you could access Bibles for the children you teach to hear, read, and see? All of this is available free through our partner ministry, Faith Comes by Hearing. Find out who Faith Comes by Hearing is, what they do, why they do it and what they need from you. You can find out more about what is available for your children in the free Bible app, Gospel films and much more are available to you! Many of these resources are available in 1,605 languages used in 243 countries! Learn how to use the special tools developed for use in areas where internet isn’t available. Enjoy the workshop video, then find out more by visiting the Faith Comes by Hearing vendor booth.

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    From the Flashcard to the Screen

    The Good News Club® is a wonderful opportunity for ministry, and 5-Day Clubs are a great way to take the Gospel to children. Could these favourite ministries be moved online? Would children still want to attend? Would it be better? Worse? Worth it? Attend this seminar to receive answers to these questions and more as you learn how to adapt traditional face-to-face ministries to move them online.

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    Front Porch Gospel: Where my Mission Began

    Three years ago, God called me outside my comfort zone and into the inner city, and within weeks my front porch became a gathering place for the Gospel. Children today are in dire need of love and encouragement. Children need support that far outlasts a 90-min program; they need positive role models and the Gospel consistently lived out before them. In this session we will talk and discuss practical ways our lives can be lived on mission for Jesus in a diverse and ever-changing culture. 

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    Getting Started – Site Tutorial

    The International Conference website is LIVE and ready for you! We are so excited for you to join us. Please take a few moments to begin the platform tour below!
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    God Loves Mohammed, Ali, and Fatima too…

    Reaching Muslim children may seem scary and exciting at the same time! This session will guide you in befriending Muslims, speaking to them, teaching God’s Good News to them, and answering their questions, whether you are from a western country or a Muslim-majority country.

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    Good News Across Kenya Outreach

    This workshop presents the Gospel outreach initiative that Child Evangelism Fellowship of Kenya has been doing over the last five years. It outlines the steps that were followed to take outreach in Kenya back to the ministry basics of CEF. There are testimonies of God’s faithfulness in the salvation of thousands of children as well as ways children have been challenged to, and have engaged in missions. You will also hear of God’s miraculous provision for the workers as they did the outreach.

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    Great Power – Working Prayer

    “The prayer of a righteous man has great power as it is working.” James 5:16 (ESV)

    Never underestimate the power of prayer. Prayer works! Do your prayers work greatly? What would hinder your prayers from being answered? Do you want to pray so that you can get wonderful results? There is a right way as well as a wrong way to pray. How can you pray every time in the right way so God will answer? Do you know that there are at least three ways that He answers prayer? Would you want to know what they are? Prayer truly works! Do yours?

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    Help! Help! Does Someone Care for Me?

    Children in disastrous situations need the Lord Jesus in their lives most of all, but they also need our help and care regarding their social, emotional, and physical needs. Many are calling, “Help! Help! Can someone hear me?” Or even “Does anyone care for me?”

    Have you ever encountered children in disaster situations and not known how to reach out to them? Then this workshop is for you. We will define children in disaster situations and discuss practical ways to care and love them. Through this we can bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to them.