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The Tide is an international Christian outreach committed to worldwide evangelism and discipleship. Our goal is to lead as many people as possible into a life transforming relationship with Jesus Christ. We do this primarily through Christian radio broadcasts in multiple languages around the world. We also engage in other activities such as discipleship, leadership development, church planting, and short term mission trips.

We partner with CEF in the production, airing, and ministry utilization of gospel centered audio and video resources. Our goal is to make the gospel available to as many people as possible in their own language. We do this by assisting local CEF workers to create culturally relevant media presentations in regions of the world where there is limited access to the gospel.

The Tide works with indigenous peoples to provide radio programs in 30 heart languages. The Tide currently has three projects with CEF.  CEF manages all aspects of production of puppet videos in an Arabic language. The Tide places them for satellite and terrestrial TV airing. CEF manages all aspects of production of audio recordings in the Dari language. The Tide negotiates and makes payment for airtime with Trans World Radio. The Tide makes the audio available on podcast. CEF manages all aspects of production of GNC videos in the Hindi language and delivers them to Shubhsandesh TV. For all these projects, The Tide funds the production and airtime costs and CEF provides vehicles for listener response and discipleship follow up.

What We Do

Radio and Television

Short Term Missions
Discipleship and Leadership Training
Year founded

Hello, I’m Don Shenk, Director of The Tide ministry. I’ll be hosting the meeting below to discuss potential ways of working together, both formally and informally, to build God’s Kingdom in the hearts of children around the world. If you have any questions or comments during the conference, I’ll be glad to reply to your messages through the contact form.

Topic: Fostering Kingdom Building Relationships
Time: May 6, 2021 02:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)


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