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Sharing the Gospel with people from every nation, tribe and tongue – together taking the greatest story ever lived to everyone everywhere through film and digital resources.

Since 1979, Jesus Film Project has been known for its diverse library of gospel-centric media that brings people face to face with Jesus all over the world. From city to shore and jungle to township, Jesus Film Project is standing by you with content in over 1,800 languages. Jesus Film Project carries more than 30 short and feature length films including The Story of Jesus for Children, and has partnered with more than 1,500 ministries worldwide. Jesus Film Project’s goal, together with these partner ministries, is to help people experience Jesus in their own language using media tools and momentum-building strategies, sharing the Gospel with people from every nation, tribe and tongue. 


All of our films are accessible via common digital platforms. They are available for free viewing, sharing or download.  

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On the “Watch” page of our website, 

Use “Country Lookup Map”, or search by language 

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Go to this link on the Jesus Film website or search in your smartphone App Store or Google Play 

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Hello, I’m Flip Amon and I work with Equipment Strategies at the Jesus Film Project. I’ll be hosting our exhibit booth, and replying to your messages through the contact form. I look forward to interacting with you.

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