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We are glad you are visiting our Children’s Ministries Institute® (CMI®) Alumni Exhibit Page! We hope you are enjoying the first ever virtual Child Evangelism Fellowship® International Conference. By looking at this page we trust you will begin to see the heart of CMI. While here you will have opportunity to view videos, test your knowledge of CMI by playing a game, connect with our team, find your class photo and add comments on the CMI yearbook page, and much more!

Be sure to also visit the CMI Online Exhibit to see what courses we offer online:

Attention all USA CMI Alumni: be sure to attend the CMI Alumni Meeting on Tuesday, May 6 at 7:00 PM, CDT. More information is shared below. Please see your Constant Contact email from us for the link.

Don’t forget! Before leaving this page, scroll down to sign our virtual guest book where you will be entered into a drawing to win a special prize.

Lynda Pongracz
Executive Director of Education
Lynne Herlein
Associate Director of Education/Director of CMI
Linda Martz
CMI Registrar/Administrative Assistant to the Executive Director of Education
Rebecca Frost
Resource Development Coordinator
Tim Deam
Leadership Training Instructor/Director of Prayer Ministries
Lisa Deam
Leadership Training Instructor/CMI Bookstore Manager
David Bachelder
Leadership Training Instructor/CMI Facilities Manager
Tina Busentiz
Leadership Training Instructor/TCE Program Director
Faith Dugan
Leadership Training Instructor/CMI Online Director
Brooke Morris
CMI Online Assistant
Cheryl Oetting
CMI Online Registrar/CMI Field Course Coordinator
James Paschky
Department of Education Intern

Meet the Department of Education

We are so happy you are here! If you have any questions for us, you can post those on the CMI USA Alumni Group, and a member of our team will help you. 


Have questions about CMI?

Click below to view the CMI FAQ.

The Children’s Ministries Institute (CMI) provides specialized, practical training in children’s ministries not found in Bible colleges or Christian universities. If you have a heart for reaching children for Christ and discipling them, if you desire to train others in this ministry, or if you are seeking career opportunities in this field, CMI is just what you are looking for. 

Courses are offered related to the following areas: 

  • Children’s MinistriesGain insights for understanding, evangelizingand discipling children through a variety of methods and programs. 
  • Teacher TrainingPass on your training and passion for children by systematically discipling and equipping teachers to minister effectively to children. 
  • Leadership DevelopmentCalled to ministry? Cultivate the qualities necessary to administrate a children’s ministry and to give godly leadership. 

Click here for more information about CMI

August 10-November 5, 2021 

Click here for module dates  

The Fall 2021 USA CMI will be a bit different than usual! During the first seven weeks of this semester we will welcome students not only from the USA, but also Frenchspeaking students from the North America/Caribbean region. 

For more information regarding the French CMI, email Janet Snyder at: 

Click here to see on-campus tuition and fees: 

For the Fall 2021 semester, we will be offering a 50% discount on tuition, room, and board fees. The discount is for workers who are required to take CMICYIAers who have served at least two summers, or volunteers who regularly participate in Child Evangelism Fellowship ministry. CYIAers and volunteers must plan to take at least three weeks of CMI to receive the discount and are required to write an essay of how they plan to use the CMI training. State directors must request the discount form for individuals who qualify by contacting Linda Martz at

Click here to take a virtual tour of our campus  

Have questions or want to learn more? Visit our website:

CEF Institutes Around the World

CEF Institutes do not take place just in the USA—they take place around the world! Click below to read about our CEF international training ministry.

In 2019, our workers trained 429,083 teachers worldwide through our various training programs such as Super Seminars, Teaching Children Effectively (TCE™), and our Institute. On average, there are 18-20 CEF training Institutes held each year on every continent throughout all our eight CEF regions. Every month there is an Institute in progress somewhere in the world in places like India, Zambia, Romania, Portugal, Madagascar, and South Koreaas well as in numerous restricted countries. The COVID-19 pandemic canceled many live training sessions that were scheduled in 2020; however, our education teams quickly moved the classes online through virtual training platforms 

Having our training available online has proven to be an answer to prayer for many of our students. We were especially excited to hear reports of people being trained online in some of the most restricted countries. A student in one such country had to be hospitalized during the training, but he continued to view the classes through a virtual training platform from his hospital bed because he did not want to miss any of it! Another student said she had been wanting to take our training for years but was unable to do so because of security issues. She was thrilled that she could now receive the training safely in her own living room! 

Our Regional Education Directorwork hard to keep the training available to students regardless of the challenges. For more information about the Children’s Ministries Institute/Leadership Training Institute in your region of the world, get in touch with your Regional Education Director. Click here and scroll to bottom of page to find his/her contact information 

CMI Alumni Meeting

Calling all USA Children’s Ministries Institute alumni! Our Virtual CMI Alumni Meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 6 at 7:00 PM, CDT. Please see your Constant Contact email from us for the link.

We are excited to update you on USA CMI happenings during our alumni meeting! We will also be electing alumni officers. This meeting will be available to all USA CMI Alumni.

Proposed slate of officers:

Cindy Wells—President

Brian Hughes—Vice President

Paul Imig—Treasurer

Christy Heath—Secretary

Test Your Knowledge of CMI—Take Our Quiz

How much do you know about the Children’s Ministries Institute? Take a fun quiz to test your knowledge! Click the link OR go to the Kahoot! App on your device and enter the following PIN number: 09760750

Some Gifts for You!

Since more Good News Clubs are going virtual, here are some resources for you! Click below for information to view and download resources.

To thank you for visiting our virtual CMI Alumni Exhibit Page, we have the following resources for you: 

  • How to Start and Organize a Virtual Good News Club® (instructor notes and PowerPoint®* to use with the Good News Across the Web Manual) 
  • How to Maintain and Keep Interest during a Virtual Good News Club 
  • How to Encourage Virtual Good News Club Volunteers 
  • Teaching Resources 

Link to download resources:

Note: This link will only be available as long as the International Conference videos are available to view. If you would like to access these resources at a later time, copy the above link now and save it for your use later. Please note that the link itself will expire on September 7, 2021—so be sure to download these resources before that date. We trust these resources will be a blessing to you and your ministry.  

Instructions to download resources: When you follow the link provided above, you should see a “Download” button in the top righthand corner of the screen. Click on this button. You may need to click out of a green banner or a notification that appears asking you to log into; you don’t need to log in or have a account – you can just “x” (exit) out of this option and download the files. More than likely, the files will go to your “Downloads” folder in your computer and download as a zip file. You will want to back up these files some other place other than your computer, such as a flash drive, hard drive, etc. 

*Note: PowerPoint® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. 

Can you find yourself in the CMI yearbook?

Reconnect and reminisce with your CMI classmates! Find your class photo in the Virtual CMI Yearbook and add a comment about a fun memory. Click below for a link to the yearbook.

Did You Know?

International Child Evangelism Institute founded
Name changed to the Children's Ministries Institute® (in USA)
Institutes held worldwide in 2020
Teachers trained worldwide in 2019

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