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Welcome to CEF Middle East Digital Booth.

The Middle East region consists of 28 countries in North Africa, the Middle East, the Gulf, and South Asia. In these countries, there are about 750 million children. Most of them are in spiritual darkness, with no freedom or opportunity to hear the Gospel. There are radical religious activities taking place. There is news of wars and terrors everywhere. Millions have left their countries only to survive in refugee camps. COVID-19 has only worsened the difficult situations. Many people are left defenseless.  

But God is still working in the Middle East region in the midst of all the difficulties. We did not stop our ministries. We could not stop working, because children were waiting for us. When all doors seemed to be closed, God opened the doors to online ministry. Good New Clubs and VBS were held online. Volunteers and new workers are being trained. Satellite Good News Clubs have been launched. Through the CAMEL project, millions of children have heard the Gospel and had the opportunity to come to Christ. We will keep striving for every child in every village to hear the Gospel. 

Through this digital booth, we want to share the fresh testimonies of God working in the Middle East region. 

Also, our region has workshops on CAMEL and VBS and Attendees are encouraged to go to the Workshop area of the IC website and take those workshops.

C.A.M.E.L. = Exponential Growth in Ministry – International Conference 2021 (cefonline.com)

Join us in praising God for all He has done.  

Thank you, 

Jeremiah Cho, Regional Director of Middle East 

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1st session

9:30~10:15AM (5/4: Eng/Arabic, 5/5~6: Eng, 5~7: Eng/Korean) : https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81818398963?pwd=RFlVS2RNV0JJdVVxblZkM2lJb2V1QT09

2nd session

2:15~3:00PM (English): https://zoom.us/j/95163350067?pwd=akpXeFFEdW1tNkQzdU1vZnV3WFYzZz09

Our ministries at CEF Middle East


Training volunteers and workers is the key to developing the ministry. We are training teachers in Super Seminars, regular Good News Club teacher’s training and the Teaching Children Effectively courses. Children Reaching Children (CRC) is also training children to share their faith with other children. Children’s Ministries Institutes are training full-time child evangelists in twelve different languages. 


Equipping workers with materials in their own languages is essential for training, evangelism, and discipleship in the Middle East. We have translated, printed, and distributed millions of evangelistic and discipleship materials to children. This includes The Greatest Doctor, Meet the King, Do You Wonder Why? and devotional books. Great strides have been made in translating materials for Good News Clubs in the past few years, but much work still needs to be done to provide the four-year curriculum in eighteen major languages in our region.


There are 368 national missionaries serving the Lord faithfully in the Middle East Region. You can join our team and witness God working through them to reach the children of the Middle East by giving and praying.


There are many challenges to sharing the Gospel in majority Hindu, Muslim and Buddhist countries. In spite of these challenges, our workers have been faithful to give this message of hope to the children. Christmas Party Clubs are our greatest opportunity for evangelistic outreach in this region and they have resulted in exponential growth in other areas of ministry. Millions of children have also been evangelized through distribution of literature. 

Media Ministry

We are reaching out to children through various technology. Children are drawn to social media platforms and they create their own digital world. Our aim is to share God’s love to give them at least one opportunity to hear the Gospel. Good News Club shows are now broadcasted on TV, crossing all borders and restrictions, delivering the message of the Christ to children in their native language.

Fueled by Prayer

Prayer is the foundation of our ministry. Fueled by Prayer is a program launched in the Middle East since January 2021. Its aim is to see prayer bands that pray for children ministry in every country around the region. We trust that as we pray God will send more workers to the harvest field, and we will see the impact of the prayers being answered in those nations.

Stats of Middle East 2020

National Missionaries
People Trained
Children Reached
Children Counseled

Gospel tracts were translated into many different languages of Middle East region so children can read about the Gospel in their own languages. If you want to see how the Gospel is being presented to children of different languages, click Learn More to visit our Gospel tracts library. 

We have collected the fresh testimonies of our national missionaries to share with you. If you want to learn more about our workers and how God called them to CEF, click Learn More to visit our testimony library.

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