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Unstoppable Ministry in East and Central Africa!

Our mission is to is to evangelize boys and girls with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and to establish (disciple) them in the Word of God and in a local church for Christian living.  

Across our region, we minister to children through Good News Club, school ministry, Camp Good News, 5-Day Club, and many other activities. We also train and equip staff, volunteers, and Sunday School teachers to effectively evangelize and disciple children. 

The past few years, many things have tried to stop this ministry, but one thing we have learned is that God is unstoppable! When rebels attacked in South Sudan, staff had to relocate to refugee camps. That didn’t stop them from doing ministry though. They taught children in the refugee camps and went back into South Sudan as often as possible. While the rest of the world shut down for COVID, things in South Sudan opened back up. Lockdowns for COVID couldn’t stop ministry either. Instead of gathering in large groups, staff went from house to house to teach children or hand out literature. In several countries, staff taught the Gospel on the radio, TV, and YouTube. Our regional office even held an online training.  

No matter what, nothing was able to stop God’s work!  

We are pleased to provide you with our Digital Library below.


Training prepares children’s teachers to serve God by joining the ministry of evangelizing and discipling children. CEF of Each & Central Africa offers many training opportunities, including Super Seminars, Teaching Children Effectively level 1 & 2, and the Leadership Training Institute. Learn effective methods for leading children to Christ, teaching Bible lessons, and much more, from experienced and certified instructors. Contact us to find out which training is right for you. 


CEF of East & Central Africa offers high-quality, biblically-sound and Christ-centered curriculum to trained teachers in our region, which will help them evangelize and disciple children. In each lesson, unsaved children hear of their need for a Savior and saved children are presented a spiritual growth challenge. We also offer evangelistic and devotional books for children. Contact us for more information about getting literature to help you teach the unstoppable Word of God.


A multitude of languages are spoken throughout East and Central Africa. Translations of our literature allow children to hear God’s Word in their own language. The regional literature department oversees all translation projects to ensure that every translation meets biblical and quality standards. 

Check out the 15 flipbooks in our digital library, like God’s Sovereignty Amharic 83, and The Greatest Story and Jesus My Savior and Friend in Kirundi.

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